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Synopsis: 2020 New Suspense Movie "A Woman in the Shadow" is about a psychological crime story: Serial killing cases happened in a city and the killer disappeared. Campus Goddess of Psychology department, Zhao Ziyu, is always disturbed by a strange dream of childhood, She lives with her bestie, Qi Xue'er. Professor Bai help her with some medicine. A handsome boy of Physical department, Lin Mu, lost his legs in a traffic accident. His aunt, Jiang Yexin, an expert in Psychology, found Zhao Ziyu to help this boy. Then a big secret of serial killing was discovered step by step...

Studio: Runner Film
Producer: Wan Jundong
Director: Zhang Kunyi
Writer: Zhang Kunyi
Starring: Wei Ni, Lu Lingjie, Na Renhua, Du Yuming
Genres: #Suspense, #Crime

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